New Parazero Parachute for the DJI Mavic 2 Professional Drone Enables Flights Over People In Canada

"This has opened up new avenues for drone operations in Canada, allowing operators to fly over people not involved in the operation"

As a commercial drone operator I was pleased to see the new rules and regulations put forth by Transport Canada on June 1st 2019, the new rules allowed us to get closer to the public and go further from our launch site then we were ever allowed before but, at the same time they enforced better knowledge, understanding and training for pilots ensuring saftey to the public and manned aircraft.

The governing authorities in Canada are starting to see the potential in the UAV industry and with the help of large companies and corporate responsibility to ensure safety, they have also started to allow us to get closer to people not included in the operation.

But what does "people not included in the operation" stand for? People that are included in the operation are anyone that is part of the production or operation and have been informed of the dangers and precautions surrounding the operation of the UAV while it is in flight.

As commercial operators we were previously restricted to 100 ft from the public or people not included in the operation, but when the new rules came into affect in June 2019, this allowed us to fly as close 16.4 ft from people not involved in the operation with approved RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems).

This was a large step forward, It meant the ability to fly in neighbourhoods with small yards, we were capable of flying from smaller locked off zones allowing us to get closer to public access ways and roads, but the biggest news came to us when ParaZero released their new ASTM approved Parachute system for the Mavic 2 Professional.

The new Parazero ASTM Parachute system has been approved, after rigorous testing, for flights over people not involved in the operation. This means we are now capable of flying over public that is not involved in the operation including roads and houses.

All the angles, videos and approaches we wish could get are now a possibility! The possibility to fly over an open park to reveal a neighbourhood, being able to back out over a road to capture the perfect angle, or to orbit a building downtown Vancouver where the streets are open to public below to allow us to show a penthouse suite or reveal a new tower. The possibilities are endless.

All this freedom does not mean we can do what ever we want when equipped. We must still stay with in line of site, meaning that we must have a visual observer keep eyes on our drone, as well as have permission from the controlling body when flying in controlled airspace and fly with regards to others safety and privacy.

But with all amazing things they come at a cost. The new Parazero ASTM Parachute system comes in at $1,750.00 USD plus the cost of the Mavic 2 Professional itself. Making this one expensive flying camera.

Follow along as we fly with Jacob Crawford from Crawford Film works and Jon Ross from Jon Ross Films to test the new system in Vancouver B.C.

I will post future pictures and videos of flights in paces we couldn't get before.

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